Reliable Quality Work at Reasonable Rates

Iíve been in the business for 10 years and can promise an accurate transcript to your specifications.

  • All digital audio and video file formats, CDs, DVDs and cassettes
  • Accurate and Proofread
  • Confidentiality Contract Provided If Desired
  • Reasonable Rates: See the Rates Page for details
  • Time codes can be inserted according to your needs
  • Safe, secure, easy file transfer provided so that you can get your digital files to me
  • I can send you the final transcript as an MSWord attachment in an email or as an upload to wherever you specify
  • I don't farm out my work - I do it all myself

I think that once you see the quality of my work you won't hesitate to come back and work with me again. Most of my business is with repeat customers and the clients they refer, so I know that you will be as happy with my work as they have been.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my services!



"The one part of my writing/creative business that had slowed me down for years was transcription. I do a lot of interviews, and transcribing them was painful. Finally I connected with Mike Jerry. And thank heavens for him. Mike's work is fast, efficient, affordable, and accurate. I have been incredibly impressed with Mike's work, and the only hesitancy I have in recommending him is that he'll get too busy for MY work!"

--Randall Shirley



"This being my first time using outside transcription services. And my experience with Mike Jerry has me not looking elsewhere for all of my transcription needs. I found him to be professional, prompt, conscientious, and communicative. I found the actual transcription work to be both excellent and inexpensive, something I require as an academic researcher. In short, I have been very happy with the transcription services so much so that I have enthusiastically recommended him to two colleagues, both academic researchers on a budget!"

--Ken Otter, Ph.D. (candidate)
Director, Leadership Studies Programs
Saint Mary's College



"Working with Mike was a real pleasure. He was easy to talk with and responded extremely well to my requests, even making several quick changes in format. The transcripts were excellent. I had been afraid the costs would be prohibitive, but I received 190 pages of transcripts of my workshops at a very reasonable price."

--Bret Lyon
Somatic and Emotional Mindfulness




"Mike's service is fast, accurate, easy to use and reasonably priced. What else is there? He meets my needs in every respect. I highly recommend his transcription service."

--David Lake


Mike Jerry

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my services!

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"Nothing but top-quality professional work. He manages to be both quick and exacting with the details. Highly recommended."

--Lisa M. Hamilton, author

"I am a faculty at San Francisco State University, and I have been conducting interview based research for over 10 years. Getting interviews transcribed has always been painful for me, it is time consuming and it is costly. I had a couple of projects get delayed for over two years because I could not find a reliable transcriber to work with. Mike has totally turned things around for me, I am so lucky that I found him, he is definitely the best transcriber I have ever worked with. Thanks to Mike, research is finally fun and stress free !"

--Leigh Jin
San Francisco State University